Principal's Profile

 Carlos H. Garcia

A graduate of Hofstra University, with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration (Accounting), and a minor in Business Computer Information Systems, Carlos began his career as a junior staff member in a prestigious accounting firm on Long Island.

Subsequently in an attempt to combine his accounting expertise with programming he moved into the software development industry. During the past 20 years Carlos has been an integral member of development teams and has held various positions from Senior Staff Accountant for Business tax, Individual tax, and accounting applications, Project Leader, and most recently Product Manager for payroll applications.

In undertaking the endeavor of Progressive Payroll Solutions, several factors played a role. Predominantly they are:

1)     an eagerness to help small businesses capitalize and implement different new technologies and software applications  - “Technology is always changing.”

2)     a passion for new technology and opportunities

3)     an extensive experience of business software development and the undertaking of such during changes in technology platforms such as

a.      DOS to Windows

b.      Windows to the Internet

4)     a solid background in Tax & Accounting as well as Payroll.

Carlos is certified by the American Payroll Association in the Fundamentals of Payroll (FPC designation) and is currently seeking a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) designation.